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Smart Energy

About Us

Who is Smart Energy?

Smart energy comprises a small team of solar professionals based around Colebrook, New Hampshire. We deal with local clients to provide custom solar energy solutions for homes and businesses.

Dealing with a local business has many advantages. For Smart Energy, customer relationships are our primary concern. We work directly with you to plan, build, and install your system. Once the project is completed, we show you how to manage your system and answer any questions you may have.

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Operating since 2008, Smart Energy has earned the trust of hundreds of customers from New England to the Bahamas. We take great pride in the services and support we offer. From the initial consultation to our system's guarantee support, you can count on Smart Energy to handle your project.

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Outside of New England

Our services in the Carribean

New England's long winters and heavy snowfalls make it impractical and even dangerous to work on roofs. To keep things going during the off months, Smart Energy has expanded its services to the Caribbean. Through the years, we've earned a reputation among business and island owners for getting the job done quickly, without cutting corners.

Since 2013, Smart Energy has installed solar systems over dozens of islands. Although weather requirements differ in the Caribbean, we've adapted our systems to be able to endure hurricane winds of up to 170mph. We're proud to be providing the same quality of service to remote islands that want to cut down on expensive gasoline generator use.

Contact us

Smart Energy of New England Inc.PO Box 56, Colebrook NH, 03576info@smartenergyne.com1-800-608-5840
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