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We offer more than just solar.

Smart energy provides a variety of services around renewable energy and energy storage. Don’t see what you’re looking for? Send us an email, we might be able to help you!

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The popularity of residential PV in America has grown in staggering leaps during recent years. Currently in the U.S. 8.3 million homes are powered by solar electricity! Solar is much more than the way of the future. It is a necessary change in the way we consume power, a secure long term investment, and a proactive choice we are making today. Going solar is easier than ever. A simple net-metering agreement with your utility provider allows you to push back and sell your excess power in the form of credits for later use.


Solar Electricity is a great way to reinvest into your business. You receive a comprehensive federal tax credit on the total cost of the system, and your return on investment on the commercial scale is generally between 5-8 years. Current rebates from the PUC and local utilities for businesses make this a great time for a capital improvement that will provide a fixed cost for the first few years, and free energy from the sun for decades after!

Off Grid & Battery Backups

If you find yourself a little more off the beaten path than most, an off grid system with battery backup can be a very smart and economical solution. Utility companies will charge many thousands of dollars to run poles and liens to your site, and then will continue to charge you every month for the power they supply. As an alternative you can produce your own power stored in a battery bank, and feel the freedom of being energy independent from outside utilities. Smart Energy has been providing reliable clean power to off grid sites throughout northern new England for nearly a decade now, making many satisfied friends along the way.

Micro Grids & Remote Islands

Until recently, if you needed to bring substantial amounts of power to an island or remote site, you had little choice but to use large diesel generators. If you have been in this circumstance, you already know the drawbacks. Diesel generators may have proved reliable, but they are loud, dirty, require regular maintenance, and a ton of expensive fuel – which has to be transported in by diesel propelled vehicles. Containerized li ion battery energy storage systems provide a stable grid power source. These MW scale storage systems efficiently use all the power generated from renewable sources like solar and wind, harvesting every electron during peak production hours, and dispersing as demand is called for.

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