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Shletter PVMax 2V Alluminum Rack

Shletter PVMax 2V Alluminum Rack product picture 0

Shletter PVMax 2V Alluminum Rack


Product Description

The perfect easy-to-install ground mount rack can be set up on concrete blocks or sonotubes. We are the only distributor in New England. We stock racks of sizes 12 and 18. German engineered and extruded in Turkey and in the USA. This rack can easily be customized to fit less than 12 panels or more. The 12-panel racks come with 2 girders. The span between girders will vary depending on location to meet specific codes and snow load.

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Smart Energy of New England Inc.PO Box 56, Colebrook NH, 03576info@smartenergyne.com1-800-608-5840
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